The Prosecco Pear-The Perfect Thanksgiving Drink

The Holiday Season is coming up. Around this time every year, my mind travels back to Thanksgiving Dinner at my Grandmother’s house. It was always a special dinner to me as our family was so busy all year, we rarely saw each other. So, Thanksgiving was the kick off to seeing my entire family two months in a row! My drink inspiration was the warm, inviting, cozy feeling of all those dinners and most recent years as the family gathers around the fire place watching football after dinner. A great Pear crisp dessert is always welcome along the traditional Pumpkin Pie. I wanted to create something that tasted like fall but wasn’t too heavy. Prosseco is a light, fruity and creamy base for the drink that provides a wonderful sparkle. Pear Vodka adds the touch of Pear that is reminiscent of the Fall and Amaretto finishes off the drink with a great nutty warmth and a beautiful gold color. Enjoy this season with your family!!! The Prosecco Pear In Martini Shaker combine: 4oz Pear vodka 2oz Amaretto Crushed Ice Shake until ice cold, pour evenly into two champagne flutes. Step 1 Nov Blog Fill remainder of the glass with Prosecco. Garnish with pear wedge. Step 2 Nov Blog Enjoy! Thank you to one of Omaha’s newest photographers. Ashley Frantz with Twisted Lens Photography—check out her work at