Lindsey & Andy

Lindsey and Andy were a sweet couple to work with. In my business, I see a lot of love. But, I have to say Andy had to be one of the most smitten grooms I have ever worked with. My favorite part of their day was their “First Glance.”
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Joya & Aaron

Joya and Aaron were a perfect match with complementing skills and personalities. They demonstrated amazing team work during the planning process which allowed both to fully participate in the wedding and, more importantly, will form the foundation of a strong marriage.
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Courtney & Eric

It is so delightful to watch love-struck grooms next to their brides. Eric was no exception when it came to Courtney. Every time they were together he would steal glances at her. The morning of the wedding Eric called me and asked me to meet him in a parking lot near his hotel. When I arrived, he had a fun and sweet bouquet of flowers with a note for Courtney. He asked me to place these in her dressing room.
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Emily & Drew

Emily and Drew had a beautiful “Southern Charm” wedding in May. The reception was held at Lincoln Station. The day couldn’t have been more perfect! Thank you to “Wedding Memories of Omaha” for the film clip.
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Katy & Nick

I had so much fun working with Katy and Nick. Nick was madly in love with Katy. During their “First Look” he cried the moment he turned around and saw her walking towards him. I have never seen a groom cry so hard with tears of joy. And, she looked so glamorous in her Maggie Sottero gown.
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Laurenne & Joe

Unusually, it was the groom’s mother who first contacted me about assisting with this wedding. Every meeting I had with these two had a tremendous sense of security and love surrounding them. If it is true that strong marriage is surrounded by a strong family, then Laurenne and Joe will be able to survive anything life throws at them.
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Cy & Rich

It isn’t every day that you get a call from a New York Times Best Selling Author asking you to assist with planning a beachside wedding in Nebraska! But, yet here I was swept up in a whirlwind planning effort with Cy and Rich. We had four months to plan their wedding and it was an amazing four months.
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Niki & Andy

Niki & Andy were high school sweethearts. They grew up together and grew into an amazing couple. They had a beautiful, warm sunny day in August. The ceremony was at Avery Presbyterian Church in Bellevue and the reception was at the German American Society. Their wedding day was filled with love and happiness as their friends and family gather around to help and celebrate the day. Andy’s brother and Best Man delivered a heartfelt toast that not only made people tear up but laugh. What a night!
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Meisha & Nate

This couple had it together. One of the enjoyable parts of my job is watching grooms fawn over their brides. I will never forget Meisha and Nate’s “First Look.” Nate, a man’s man, completely swooned for his bride. It was so romantic. The wedding ceremony was in a beautiful tent on the lawn of Happy  Hollow Country Club and a reception was held in the club house. Beautiful, simple, elegance was everywhere. Soft platinum linens adorned tables with tall glass cylinders that held candles and round, white balls of carnations. Amazing!

Meg & Tom

Meg & Tom were planning a wedding in Omaha while living in Salt Lake. This wedding was about sophisticated elegance. The reception was held at Durham Museum where guests dined on appetizers such as Watermelon Gazpacho with Prosciutto and Crème Fresh and Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese Station courtesy of Catering Creations. This couple both had large families that came into town from as far away as Alaska! There was a gigantic amount of love and fun that was had at their weekend festivities.
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